Do-Rite, Inc. has been wonderful in helping restore our home to its original condition after it was flooded.  We would recommend Do-Rite, Inc. to anyone who needs help with water damage restoration!

- Bettina, Orange CA

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​We know how it can be here at Do-Rite, Inc.Water Damage Restoration.  One day you're in your home sitting on your sofa watching TV with your family, the next moment you are rushing to shut off your toilet valve because water is flowing out of your toilet bowl and rushing rapidly down your hallway into your living room.  What now?  Grab the towels and call Do-rite, Inc.!  Do-Rite will promptly respond to your emergency within 1hour.  Time is of the essence when water intrusion occurs.

When water is allowed to sit, it will wick into your drywall causing further unseen damage.  This can be frustrating, overwhelming, and costly. Some of the telltale signs of
water damage is if you begin to see discoloring of your walls and/or ceiling; flooring will begin to buckle and stain; paint may bubble; Drywall may become soft if damage is severe.

Our team of experts are all highly trained in handling  
water mitigation and damage restoration, so we can save your valuables, property, and help you from spending thousands of dollars in getting them back. But we know that unfortunately sometimes not everything can be saved, so that is why we offer new flooring installation and repair to bring your home back to what it once was. Plus our technicians only use the highest quality of equipment, ensuring that you get fast recovery times and great quality of work the first time around. 

Dealing with 
flood and water damage can be hard, and perhaps even seem devastating at times.  It can come out of nowhere and at the worst possible timing. Plus things add up quickly and sometimes that can mean staying out of your home and in a hotel for months at a time. We understand that frustration, and that’s why we work as quickly as we can to get you back where you belong:  your very own nice, dry home. So the next time you’re standing up to your ankles in water in your brand new kitchen, be sure to give us a call in your time of need. We are more than happy to help.

For more information regarding our services, please visit our contact page and send us a message!

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